Photographer & model based in Tokyo and Shanghai. XXX addict. Sex orgies. 🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦💦

Hey Noa, love the pics, where are you based? 

In Shanghai since a few months. I moved over here after living in Tokyo. 

So what’s your story?

Actually, it’s a simple one. Pursuing fun in my life and nothing else. And since my financial resources are terribly limited  “The bed is the poor man’s opera” became the credo of my lifestyle. 

Which happens to be sex.

Straight to the point… Yes. During traveling in China, Taiwan and Japan I made countless sexual encounters and it so happend that i was allowed to record a few or make photoshootings of it. So, I’m not sure  if I can call myself a photographer. Maybe I’m a pornographer, maybe I’m both or neither. I simply want to capture scenes of my own little Realm of Sense. 

Sounds great.

It really is. Once in a while life can be really awesome, like matching with a girl on Tinder who is impressed with my pictures  and want to join a threesome or even a FFFM and even let me take shots during the play. Sometimes even specifically request taking photos of it. 



So you find your models mostly on Tinder?

Yeah. It’s the best thing ever happend haha. 

Although once in a while instagram works the same way. I just got a message a few days ago and the girl wanted to meet up immediately for a threesome with my girl and me, most are from tinder though.  I had last year only,  almost 70 threeways through Tinder. It’s a new way to find lovers, sexfriends and satisfaction of any kind of special sexual desires and I definitely don’t miss the old days venturing through clubs to find a girl or hook up a threesome. 

Do you pay the girls?

No, of course not. I couldn’t possibly afford that. We are all looking for the same. 

Is there any difference between China and Japan in terms of getting models?

In terms of my kind of photoshoots, Japanese aren’t as open as people believe. They are commercial through and through. But I was lucky to find the kind of girls want to enjoy. Chinese are more exclusive with who they do what. They are usually selective on multiple layers and that’s good that way. 

But for real modeling china is quite a surprise, some of my girls are real fashion models and one also erotic model. They don’t get much paid if at all it’s all about making a name. While Japanese always get paid a lot 200-600 euro even for just semi nude pics.


Interesting. Do you speak Chinese or Japanese?

My Japanese is ok. In China most of my lovers speak english, that makes me lazy to learn more.


I get along tho. I’ve been in Asia for 4 or 5 years. But nowhere fixed, always traveling around. 

How did you decide that sex photography is what you want to do? Has it always been an interest of yours, or have you transitioned into it from some other type of work?

Who wouldn’t like to anyway?! 😀  It just happend so. I started taking pictures of my girlfriend first. Some nude shots with candies and portraits. But one day in Japan during sex with 2 girls, both of them started taking selfies during sex. And that’s how it started. 

Where are you from originally?

Tinder Haha. The only nationality gets You inside all the countries ;P 

How are the opportunities to do your type of photography in your home country compared with Asia?

Photography ended for me right after I started to study it the first year in Zurich. With not enough money to keep going, no parents who could support me and a shit load of issues coming my way , I gave up. Not only photography, everything. I was on my own most time of my life and to be honest, I didn’t do to well. Plus, photography wasn’t what it is today. It was exclusive, expensive and ways to earn money with it very limited. Now time changed a lot. Digital Cameras made photographers of us all.


How accepted is your type of photography in Asia?

Not very. I get reported sometimes, accounts pulled off temporarily. So it’s no surprise I can only show maybe 5% of my images. Most girls are apprehensive about publishing naked images. Some only agree if I promise not to show they faces.

Yeah that was my experience too when I lived in Bangkok.

It’s fun for sure, but if you take pictures during sex people will hate you.

Why is that?

Well, I mean locally. For sample, crowdfunding definitely doesn’t work in Asia if you’re a white guy having sex with two or three mostly asian girls in a photo shoot. They prefer to support local photographers, preferably ugly and chubby guys. Same as the European and American porn industry. 


Yeah they want to believe in the fantasy that a below-average guy can have sex with hot girls.

I see .. What do you do besides your photography work – do you have a day job?

I don’t have a steady job. I tried different things. I had a small online shop, then I did some exporting to Europe. I also used to work together wit an app developer … but I completely failed in all of my endeavours haha ..

Lol 😂😂😂

That’s why I decided that I now want to focus on my photography work. I’m working on a photo book and planning on launching an online magazine dedicated to sex art.

Sounds great, do it.